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The Last Of Asia

rain 30 °C

Hey! We arrived in our little town in Bali, to see everybody dressed up traditionally, and all the women carried baskets on their heads! I never knew anywhere besides Africa that did that… but maybe I just don't pay attention :). (By the way, they were dressed up for some festival which was pretty cool. We didn't get to go though.)We also realized that their isn't much to do in Bali in the rainy season, so all we did was go on a few dives. The dives were beautiful though, and we also did a wreck dive. The crazy diver people, hired the skinniest little women, to carry 2 tanks each on their heads to the dive sites. That's just how they transported them. It made you feel like a bit of a shmuck for just sitting by and watching as those poor women struggled with your stuff… but they said they were fine and didn't want help. :/. Hmm. Another thing, Bali had the best food ever! Mac had rice 3 times a day for a few days there… haha Anyways, Bali was beautiful, and it was a nice way to end off our 5 month tour of Asia.


Can't afford hot water, but at least you've got your sat TV. (And chickens… UGGGGG!!! Every morning!!)


They were also Hindu here, which was different than anywhere else we were in Asia, but they still had their call to prayer every morning…


The girls…


This awesome guy who we bought so much off of, because he made the most beautiful carvings… he even gave me a special gecko hair clip, as a gift! So nice… in this picture, he was telling me the story on the carving we bought.


Hahahaha!!! Good place to hide gecko… too funny!!







Pretty nice place for a shore dive!!

Thanks so much for reading!!!

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Getting Back With My People

Sepilok (still in Borneo)

semi-overcast 26 °C

Next, we went to Sepilok, a little town, where there are two exact things to do; see the orang-utan sanctuary, and go to the Rainforest Discovery Centre. At the orang-utan place, we saw one mom and adorable baby, one single lady, and tons of macaques. I liked that place. As for the discovery centre, some big show guy who thinks he's so important 'cuz he's the Sultan of Brunei, had to close the centre for the exact 3 days that we were in Sepilok. So we had to stay an extra day so that we could go hike around the Center, in the slippery mud, through the rain, and I experienced my first leech (that I knew of…). Well, it's all part of the jungle experience… :) After we emerged from the trail, we got to see their beautiful gardens, where we had fun playing with the carnivorous plants, although I couldn't quite catch an ant to be a… sacrifice. Ah well… the sacrifice pieces of grass were still fun!
Anyways, enjoy all of the pictures of the adorable baby orang-utan, because it's taking me about a bazillion years to download them… but it's just soooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice view!


THE SUPER CUTE LITTLE BAAABY!!!! hehehehehehehehehehehe


Isn't it nice to know there are HAMMERHEAD leeches…


Classy Dad smooches his leech into the floor… I think he cleaned it up.


This is the best pic of a flower ever!!! haha love it!


Thaaaaaaanks for reading!!!!! And I hope you're all enjoying spring break back home! For those of you in Arctics, WOOHOOOOO GOGOGOGOGO!!! xo meg

p.s For those of you who don't get "getting back with my people", I'm a ginger, going to see the orangutans...

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Time for Nature

Our Kinabatangan River Adventure

rain 27 °C

Hello! After our awesome time at Scuba Junkie, we decided to spend a few days in the jungly rainforest on the Kinabatangan River. We saw some seriously cool stuff. We did have to get up at 5:30 every morning though, to go on the river cruise. But… It was all worth it, because we saw tons of Proboscis monkeys (the ones with the really big noses), Macaque monkeys (the annoying ones that stole my pineapple), and an orangutan with it's adorable little wee baby (yes, it really is spelled that way. In Malay, it means "wild man". orang probably means wild, and utan I think means man. Interesting stuff…) We also saw some beautiful birds; king fishers, oriental hornbills, rhino hornbills, and oriental darters. The last cool things we saw, were the pigmy elephants. This encounter, was a scary one, because while we were in our boat, our guide actually pulled us up on shore, right in front of the big elephants (pigmy, yes, but still ginormica). It was scary, because we were always within 10m of them, at times, 5. Also, there were lot's of babies that the ellies might decide to defend at certain times, and say if it attacked, and we were all lucky and none of us died and only the boat was damaged, we would then just have lived to be eaten by the crocodiles that inhabit the river. Yay. I can honestly say, sitting at the very front of the boat may have made the experience a little scarier, but…. THEY ARE SO BIG!!! To sum it up, one did trample our boat, and our family were the only survivors. Just kidding… haha, so everyone did survive, and the only thing that changed was that I didn't take part in anymore jungle actvities (hikes, cruises). Luckily, I had Mac to hang out with because he never did any of them anyways (except the elephant cruise) because "his ear hurt too much". :D well… it probably did, but… SITTING IN A BOAT ISN'T THAT MUCH MORE STRESSFUL THAN SITTING IN THE ROOM! Haha poo-ey Mac… but anyways, here's the pics from the Nature Lodge. :):):):):):):):):):)

Your daily plan: (mind you, you don't see elephants or orangutans regularly, but everything else is your everyday stuff...)

Up 5:30am. River cruise. See: sunrise, proboscis', macaques, monitor lizards, king fishers, elephants.


7:00am Eat eggs.

9:00am Jungle hike, get leaches, see: trees.


12:00am Eat nasty grub.

4:00pm River cruise. Probable rain. See: nothing. Nobody likes rain.

7:30pm Finally supper! Eat nasty grub.

7:40pm Sleep.

9:00pm Jungle hike. Too. Tired... Others saw: sleeping birds.`

Haha... Thanks for reading! xoxomeg

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semi-overcast 30 °C

After we got our PADI's on Phi Phi, we decided to head over to Mabul, one of the islands off the coast of Borneo (beside Sipidan). Sadly though, we didn't get to go to Sipidan because of their impossible permits. But, we did dive 56 times (all together), did a night dive, all in 5 days around beautiful Mabul, Kapalai, and Siamel. We saw tons. Huge groupers, ribbon eels, HUGE giant morays (hehe huge giant...), beautiful nudis, gorgeous butterfly fish, lobsters, cuttle fish, pigmy cuttle fish (soooo cutee!!!), huge schools of trevally and barracuda, one GIANT barracuda, frogfish, crocodile fish, lion fish... I could go on... For those of you who are wondering what night diving was like, it was a lot like diving during the day, except there were a few subtle differences like, it was dark. Also, we didn't see as many fish. What we did see that you can't see during the day, though, was the "creepy crawlies of the sea", aka plankton. Also, a parrot fish sleeping in it's spit bubble that it makes so that other fish can't smell it than eat it in it's sleep. So that was cool. But anyways, that was probably the most awesome time we have all year!!! We were really sad to leave our scuper new friends.
Another thing we did, was one day, me and Mom went to the little village school, to teach english. It was really interesting, and I made some awesome new friends. It was one guy, with no teacher training, with a class of 80 students, all different ages, in one normal sized class room. It was crazy!! So no more complaining about school kids... We taught them The Wheels On The Bus, Simon Says, and pretty unsuccessfully how to brush their teeth. But they were such fun and enthusiastic kids... really cool. Mom is going to organize a bit of a fund raiser type thingy to raise money to hire Ali (the teacher right now) a helper. Only 100 some dollars a month! So if you want to help, talk to Mom when we get back :). But anyways, great great great awesome awesome.

This is the cat named Squeezel (I must say, that is the awesomest name I have ever heard), who had to have a cone on his head for some reason I don't remember...

The kids from the school

Not a bad place to stop for lunch and have hermit crab races...


Gettin all geared up...


The big soccer game that probably everybody at the island went to...



Thanks for reading! xomeg

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sunny 30 °C

Hey! This island, Koh Phi Phi, was the last of our Thailand experience for the whole trip. Kinda sad, only next week we're in Borneo, so it's not all that tragic :D. Anyways, the beeest thing (and only actual thing we did I guess...) about Phi Phi, was that Dad, Sol and I all got our Diver certificates from PADI! We went with Viking Divers (just in case you were wondering ^.^) who were the absolute funnest people we've been around this whole trip! We did 2 super cool dive trips (we sorta had too, to get our licences) and on the first day, we saw a leopard shark, sea turtle, lot's a nemo fishes, and lot's and lot's of pretty fishies. All I have to say about diving, is that it's the absolute best choice of things to do that I've ever made in my entire life. I just love it!! Especially with our awesome funny dive guy, Mario. SOOOOO MUUUUCH FUUUUN!!! Only thing is... I don't know if I'll be able to dive at home (not 'cause there is none to be done, but because that water is gonna feel soooo colllldd!!!) So, I've decided I'm moving back to Thailand when I turn 20, and I'm gonna become a dive master so I can dive everyday! Sounds like a good plan, eh? Haha, anyways, here's a few pics of Phi Phi (sorry, I didn't have an underwater camera, so no pics of the big shark :( )

Anyways, i think all these pics were taken on the same day anyways... so here's the day we all did the diving together!


Wow. Isn't this island gorgeous? It sure got smoked in the tsunami though...




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