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Koh Lanta

back in good ol thailand

sunny 35 °C

Hello! We spent 3 awesome weeks in Koh Lanta, a really pretty, quiet island, where we took a couple cooking classes, did a boat trip, met up with the Toewes for 2 of our weeks there (and then went on to Phi Phi with them), and had a really good time in our awesome AIR CONDITIONED rooms :D.

Our boat trip... I think those bats were the giant foxfaced ones.


Yuum Yumm!!!


Apparently pineapple cutting is a biiiiiiig opperation.... (he needed his flashlight, and it was easier when it was attached to his mask (it's a dive light) so hence the "special equipment")


Sol, Mom, Dad and Mike decided to go creepy cave dwelling... "non" sketchy bridge thing...


Giant bug we found on the road and Sol brought back to the room. Actual size, as big as your pen. No joke. We also learned, that cockroaches can fly, as if they weren't creepy enough! Thanks Mac, for flinging the door open, so that it flew right at me and Solstice. NIiiice work.


We were playing football, and the cutest little kid ever came up to us and started playing pass! He was soooooooooo cute!!!



Doesn't that cloud look totally just like a painting? Beautiful sunsets.


We did a jungle hike one day, that was cut short because we were attacked by a monkey! Me and Sol were walking ahead, and suddenly there was a monkey that's totally "fanging" at Solstice. Freaked, we dropped our water bottles (sometimes that's what they want), and ran back to the group (Sol also lost her shoe). They went to check it out, and brave Mac who was in the front, got his stick and the monkey was aggressively kind of running at him with his fangs all out. Worst part was, us Prawdzik's didn't have our rabies shots! So everyone was ready to head back, but Mike wouldn't let us go without Sol's shoe. We were saying "MIke, we don't care!! They're 3$ shoes, and we don't even have our shots if it bites one of us!" But he wouldn't listen, and finally, he started TALKING to the monkey!! Saying "monkey, monkey, monkey!!" Meera thought he'd gone crazy! Later funny story, but at the time, us kids were going a little hysterical. In the end, Meera and Sol went with him (and she did end up getting her shoe back :D) and we made it all fine to the beach, mostly intact, besides our minds. Now that's not all, when we got to the beach, we went swimming, and when we came back, Dad saw that a monkey had ripped into my bag, and stole the pineapple! Needless to say, I don't like monkeys anymore. Except for the cute baby ones. And orangutans. ^.^ Anyways, no pictures, except for the daylight beach pictures below, that were the nice beach at the end of it all.


Haha, jealous? ^

Well that's all folks. Hope you enjoyed reading about my travels! Hehe. BYE!

xoxo M

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the last of our amazing time in Malaysia

sunny 27 °C

We spent a few more days on the little island, Lankawi. It was a really cool place. We went to the little museum thing where the prime minister keeps all the gifts he gets from other countries. There were some veeeery interesting things....

Some of the stuff he got.

Yes Canadians, they did get him those stupid dolls.


Monkeys raiding the place... see the little baby?


Mutant horns.


On our last day, we did a boat tour, and we got to feed some sharks, see the eagle swoop down to eat, and we got to swim in a fresh-water lake, which was a really refreshing change.


So that was it for Malaysia! Really cool place.


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Genting Malaysia

a theme park on top of a mountain

semi-overcast 20 °C

Hey! We spent another few days in Genting, which was basically a big theme park, a bunch of casinos, and restaurants on top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere. We took a cool gondola to it. Here's some pics of the rides.


We didn't stay in that hotel, because apparently it was gross, but it was pretty on the outside...



And the skydiving. We got to go in a "skydiving simulator", which was this: You jump into a wind tunnel, that pushes 193km an hour wind at you, and so you float. I think it's worth it to youtube "skydiving simulator Genting Malaysia". Also, it only cost 13$. Hm... really fun anyways. Dad now calls himself a skydiver.


BYeBye!! xxMeg

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Golden Palm Tree Resort, Sepang, Malaysia


sunny 30 °C

Hello! That week, Mom surprised us by booking us a week with our timeshare, to stay at the amazing Golden Palm Tree Resort. It was gorgeous!!! They had a bunch of free beach activities like paddle boarding, wind karting, volleyball, ping pong, and a bunch of other ones. The first day, we paddle boarded and kayaked all day, but then it was low tide everyday after that so we played ping pong and swam in our pool instead. We are now champion ping pongers. It was a really nice break from (we think of ourselves as backpackers), backpacking. The water in the ocean, was actually and really, about +27 degrees celcius. It was crazy!!! Anyways, here's our pics.

Paddlin around...


Gnip Gnop as Dad called it. I would just get tongue tied and start calling it Pning Pnong. I'm real smart at the whole "talking backwards" thing.


Some pics of the place...


Chinese New Years was pretty big in Malaysia, so there were little orange trees everywhere.


We tried the wind karting almost every day, but there was never any wind, so we just pushed each other around.


Good times...


P.S here's the link, so you can see just how awesome it is: http://www.goldenpalmtree.com/v2/

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KL edition

sunny 33 °C

We stayed in Malaysia for about 3 weeks. Our first stop was Kuala Lampur, where we stayed a few nights, went to Sepang, then came back. We were there for about a week. I think there were only 2 days when we didn't go to the mall. We were in need of some western stuff. We bowled, saw a few movies, and ate aloooooooooot of sushi! SUSHI KING BABY!! haha, we also went to the Kuala Lampur bird park, which is the worlds largest free-flight walk-in aviary so they say. It was pretty cool! Most of the birds were aloud to roam free, except strangely all the owls were in tiny cages. But, there weren't many owls at least. So it was okay.
We got a great room with a kitchen, and it was really nice to be able to cook ourselves (not that I'm all that sick of restaurants doing my dishes...). I even made this weird jello stuff.

Their flag. I've noticed that almost every country's flag has red and white in it, and usually blue as well... just a thought :)


Some of the beautiful birds we saw. The one with the crazy head is called a horn bill, and they were really cool. I don't really know much about them... but I'm sure it would be interesting to research why they have the crazy bill...


The towers were really pretty at night. As you can see, we had a greeeeeeat view from our room!




Thanks for reading!!!
xx Meg

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