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funny signs of the WORLD

Okay everybody, my very last post (maybe). This is a roundup of all of the funny signs we saw all around the world. Mostly is Asia though. But anywayyys... here's da funny signs :D.

Starting in Turkey. HOBBY of laundry???


On our canyon hike. (Turkey)


Watta stud (France)


This one says "Sale from the 5th to the 15th of October, open October 9th." (France, of course :) )


Hmmm... should we pay an extra dollar for the "special" food? (Thailand)


One of those is called "the friendly liquid" hahahahaha I'll make it big so that maybe you can find it. (Bankok Thailand)


E-sarn food. I think they meant Eastern food. A couple of those. (Thailand)


Just a few of the fake 7 Elevens (Thailand)


A moose sign in Thailand... someone must have brought that from Canada :)


"wiener shnitzel, gulash, and cordon bleu" (haha I probably didn't get those right either... in Thailand)


hahahahahahaha (Thailand)


Problem is, you have to be pretty much right under the tree to read the sign... (Thailand)


"with pain or without pain". They just couldn't fit in the T at the end... haha by the way, without pain in cheeper! (Cambodia)


We had just got in to Cambodia, and I was a little freaked out and all, and then we see these signs on every floor, and your thinking, "do you NEED to put those up for people to know..?"


Haha same hotel (Cambodia)


Funny. (Vietnam)


"FREE AS YOU WANT"? well that sounds good... haha also some "fun things" on the menu. (Cambodia)


This is paradise...? Funny stuff. (Vietnam)


Haha the sign said 11 billion dong, but that's only 5000 dollars... haha you can feel rich anyways! (Vietnam)


Well that sounds promising... (Vietnam)


That was at the largest bird park in THE WORLD (Malaysia) and they had this picture of an ostrich...


What exactly is it that you can't do? (Malaysia)


"I AM A NAUGHTY MONKEY!" and we're like, "HECK YA!" (Borneo)


Uhh so this guy is the king of Brunei? I guess everybody has the right of fashion and beardy things... (Borneo)


"A freshly caught beef"???????? (Borneo)


Heh heh heh (New Zealand)


Well it's not out-there-obvious is it?? (New Zealand)


The old rules for female teachers. Reeeediculous. (New Zealand)


So that's alls my funnies. Good day! M

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last stop before Canada!

sunny 27 °C

Hello again! For our very last international week we hung out and did alot of nothing on Maui. We did some shopping in Lahaina (women only) and had a Mothers Day lady night and saw the show Ululena which was AWESOME it was sort of dance acting and stuff. Really fun. We also did a lot of beaching and the ladies learned how to make the lei . It was a really nice way to end off the international part of the trip. AHHH! I can't believe it's almost over! So anyways, here's some pics.

Me doing awesome surfing.




Da beach.


Monkey in a hammock.


The banyon tree.


Mac and grandma.


Making the lei's (leis?).


Hike up the giant mountain. (Heh heh we just hiked up to the view point to look at the mountain.


The pretties.


So I guess this'll probably be my last blog so thanks so much for keeping up with me so that I'm not just writing to nobody!

See you soon! Meg

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sunny 28 °C

Bonjour! We met up with my Grandparents on Kauai, and we're going to Maui together too. We had a great time just lounging around drinking Pina Coladas and playing lot's of cards. We Also did do 2 dives, and Dad and Grandpa went on a helicopter flight all across the island. It was a great way to spend the week. (And one of the last before home!!!!)
I don't have many good pictures of us... but stay tuned next week for some from Maui! Hahaha anyways, enjoooy!


A birds eye (or from the helicopter) view of where we did our dive. It was all through tunnels and stuff that were made from lava tubes (so lava rock I suppose). There really wasn't much for fish (they're more on shallow reefs), but we did come across another white tipped reef shark! So that was cool. It was really nice to get back in the water again. I guess we won't be doing anymore dives for another couple of years! Anyways, Mac didn't bring his camera under water so I've got no dive pics.


Some pics from the beach where we dove.


A bunch of pics Dad took on his heli ride.


And a nice lighthouse.

Thanks so much for reading! M

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A few days in Honolulu Hawaii

sunny 27 °C

Hello again! We spent just a couple days on the Island Oahu, to check out Pearl Harbour, and the big city. Hawaii is great! It's not too crazy hot (but you are taking that from someone who's been living in Thailand all winter), but it's just loveeeeely. Anyways, we went to Pearl Harbour, Waikiki, and me and mom went to a free hula show as well. Here's a few pics.


We saw these gorgeous birds everywhere.


One of the big boats.



Inside one of the subs.


And Waikiki beach.

Thanks for reading! xx Meg

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New Zealand

sunny 17 °C

So we've been in New Zealand for quite awhile now! 7 weeks. We spent about 3 weeks on the North Island, where we spent a week in Taupo, a little town on Lake Taupo. Also, we just happened to be super close to my friend Claire (from home), so we hung out with her and her family for a couple days, which was super nice. We played a lot of ping pong at our hotel thinger. :D After that, we spent 4 or 5 days in Auckland with my uncle's family (from NZ). Nick, Leonie, and the three boys, Josh (12), Jordan (10), and Levi (8). They brought us to this little farm and we got to watch the farmer milk cows which was pretty awesome! We also went to the beach (it was waaaaay too cold for us Thai swimmers, but the crazy kiwis swam!), the boys did a lot of fishing, and we had a greeeeeat kiwi feast with lotsa lamb and hokey pokey ice-cream. It was super fun. After that, we got in our dinky camper and drove all around the North of the North Island for another week. The weather was really sucky, so we mostly just drove around and looked at sheep and cows. And the boys fished, of course.
Then, we went down to the South Island, where we spent 3 weeks. We drove all down the west coast on the way down to Queenstown, and we saw lots more sheep and cows. On about week 3, the fall colors set in, and were very beautiful (remember, their seasons are backwards here. Silly Kiwis haha). We couldn't do much hiking, because the weather was never good. We did hike to see the Franz Joseph Glacier, which was quite beautiful. Finally, we arrived in Queenstown. For those of you who don't know, Queenstown is the super adventure capital of the world. Theres bungee jumping, sky diving, crazy jet boat rides, hang gliding, flying foxes, huuuuuuge ziplignes, rafting, canyon swings (a bit worse than bungee jumping :D), and heaps more. What we did, was paragliding. Not so terrifying, but we thought "well, if we're gonna splurge on a sky sport, then we may as well do the one where you get to be up there for the longest." So we did. It was AWESOME!! I even saw a deer on the way down. Me and Mac's dudes did huuuuge arcs in the sky and everything. Suuuuuuuuuper fun.
After Queenstown, we went over to Te Anau, and me and Mom did the Kepler track, one of the great walks in NZ. It was 3 nights and 4 days of hiking, with about 15k each day. (In total, it was 60km). The first day, we went up up up the mountain, and gained about 15000 ft (I think…). It was also my birthday, and mom had surprised me by bringing up subway for a treat. IT WAS AWWESOME!! Haha. Then we drank hot chocolate and ate leftover birthday cake, and looked down at the lake from our gorgeous view from the hut. The next morning we woke up and there was a Kea bird (a green parrot, that's as smart as a raven) that was hanging about our hut. That was really cool, because not everybody gets the chance to see one. Their really pretty, but too smart. Ranger Robbie had lot's of stories about them eating up peoples expensive gear. Haha. That day of hiking was mostly up in the alpine, all along the ridge line (very top), and through alpine valleys. It was sure beautiful. We also descended the mountain range that day. On the third day, it was mostly flat, and all through the trees. Our hut of that night was right on the lake, and one women who was doing the hike with some friends, had got her brother to bring cheese cake for everybody. They were deeeeelicious! One the very last day, we trudged around on the flats through the bush again, and when I finally saw the dam where we were to meet the boys, I honestly ran the whole way back. It was sure a great time, but we couldn't move to well for the next week!
After the big hike we motored back up on the east coast, and we saw the Yellow Eyed penguins, tons of big fur seals, and dolphins! (All wild, too by the way.) That was great to see.
For our final week, we drove up the North Island, back up to Aukland, and we went back to Nick and Leonie's. We did a wine taste & tour, went to a bunch of parks and beaches, and Mac and Dad also went to the big All Blacks (that's New Zealand's National Rugby team) stadium, did some mini quading, and Mac and Jordie did a lot of fishing in the creek behind their house. Also, Nick owns a sign and T shirt making type shop, so we all got T shirts made. Dad and I each got an All Blacks jersey, and Mom and Mac and Dad all got these cool "World Tour" T's. I also got Prawdzik put on the back of another of my shirts. Very cool stuff! It was certainly a grrreat time, and we will be back soon. Just another 2 weeks and we're back in Canada! Crazy crazy. Anyways, enjoy the pictures! (I don't think I've ever typed so much for a blog!)

First, here's all our pictures from the North Island:


A crazy jet boat ride that we didn't do.


The beach.


Jordie and Mac eel fishing.


Suuuuuuure windy!


Cow milking.




BEAUUUUtiful flowers.


Pukeko birds.




Feeding the crazy ducks.


Creepy caves.


Rafters… (not us, but still cool enough to make it onto the blog anyways... :) )


Bubbling mud pools in Rotorua.


And all the stuff we did on our second trip to Auckland. The wine barrels cost over 1000$ each!! And he definitely had over a thousand at his small winery. In the second last picture, that was Nick making our shirts. Aren't they awesomeamazing?


Toooooon's of fish (heh heh, at the fish hatchery)


Too lazy to really fish.


Little ziplign.


River crossing.


Pancake rocks, featured in the Walking With the Dinosaurs movie.


Franz Joseph Glacier.


Nice scenery. And here starts the South Island pictures. In the scenery pics, they're all a bit mixed, but after that, all South.


Haha at the gypsy fair I forget where, there was this "fly on the wall" thing which I thought was hilarious. You jump on the bouncy castle, then fling yourself onto the velcro with your velcro suit on.


Goin paragliding.


Looooot's of sheep!


On the track.


The kea bird.




Cool spider web. (This was taken on the Kepler. See how blue the sky was for us? And every day, too!)


Yellow Eyed Penguin.


Cool street!



Thanks for reading! And by the way, I added a bunch more pictures to the post "Ode to Snorkling and Diving", if you wanna check that out.


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